of Three


The brief consisted of tasking a Japanese tradition, Haiku's, and creating mo-graphs. Three haikus had to be chosen and one could either create a long single motion graphic or three smaller ones. The haiku's message needs to be present in the mo-graphs in text for and in one's own interpretation.


Year: 2019

Motion Graphics
After Effects


Japanese poetry and poetry in general is starting to become outdated, therefore in need of a modern fun twist. All in all able to thrive a lot more with the combination of motion graphics where the rigid formal boundaries can be broken.


The magic of the number three is that is seen as a highly satisfying number and therefore more aesthetic to the human eye. The brief itself acts as inspiration, as the amount of haikus chosen are three. The first haiku and part one of the motion graphic consists of the "ID" which is basic survival instincts and instant gratification displayed by the eye becoming aware of it's surroundings and tunneling into the "Ego." Which controls impulses into a acceptable manner, while satisfying the ID’s desire in a realistic and socially acceptable manner. This is shown the television as growing up one learns how to socialise through media specifically movies.

Laslty one's super ego which is influenced by surrounding influences, and is in the present, shown by all the planets surrounding.

The Oneironaut titlescreen
The Oneironaut titlescreen


1.) blue ink

a letter not written

in the iris

2.) first light

the white moths on the screen

turning white

3.) still channel waters

the bow of the ferry plows

through the Milky Way