The brief consisted of creating a short-film in a group project including the multimedia class. The theme was focused on desolation. Due to corona a large groups were not advised thus each individual student had to create their own short approximately 2-3 minutes long, all which part of one big narrative.

In regards to production, the workload was split into six groups.


OOF Productions
Year: 2020

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The Oneironaut titlescreen


As millennial final year students stuck in lockdown, the year has been cut short of social interaction and instead been replaced by the ever-present phones in our pocket. Connected socially and raised by the Internet but this year, 2020 –changed everything.

As corona infection increases, the sense of freedom seems further and further way from reality. Many are left with their thoughts and imagination. Leading to a world where dreams and reality have merged, leaving a blurred line of distinction, shown through Olive's perceptive.


The Desolation Diaries, are an anthological collect of diary entries from twelve multimedia design students. The central theme serves to be human connection, ironically complemented by lack of human contact. These twelve students document their personal feelings and range of rollercoaster emotions which govern our human experience. The Desolation Diaries explore themes of isolation or lack there of within an international shut down, with desolation being the key-word to the film. The viewer will experience a similar range of emotions throughout the film and get a small taste of what life has been like for a generation born into a globalised community that depends on social interaction and connection.

Angelina's short explores the psychological effects of lockdown during the Corona virus pandemic has on someone and their reality as well as their subconscious. This is shown ¨through the dreamy and hazy like effect while confusing the audience by showing an individual's path in isolation. The word Oneironaut stands for someone that has the ability to travel their dreams, lucid dreaming to a extemt. Therefore the short explores a so called dream traveler, an Oneironaut.

The Oneironaut titlescreen


The team consisted of 12 multimedis students and a lecturer which helped smooth the whole process and giving guidance. Even though one create their own short, which directly makes the student their own producer, sound engineer, colour grader, art director and so on, everyone was still assigned a role in order to help others. Here are the following team members and their roles:

• Executive Producer: Wessie van de Westhuizen

• Producer: Anton Gollia

• Assistant Producer: Anton Gollia

• DOP & Key Grip: Luke Stephens & Wessel Bruinissen

• Grip & Techinical Engineer: Weihan Vermuelen

• Marketing & Promotion: Jared Lagger

• Marketing & Promotion PR: Cheyenne Fernánda Miller

• Animation & Art Direction: Tyla Vorster

• Animation: Tamsyn Sharwood

• Creative Director: Angelina Wicker & Nina Roodbol

• Sound Design: Tyla Vorster


Creative Director Takes the responsibility for all Graphic and Production Designs. All Social Media posts, templates, logo and typographic placements, Posters and fine tunes all the design applications. She will take responsibility to advise on your title design for your "chapter" and also make sure, together with Chey that our Social Media design stays top notch.

As Creative Directors, Angelina and Nina, take responsibility for all the Graphic and production designs. Therefore working closely with Cheyenne and Jared for the Social Media posts. As well as with the whole team for the logo, templates and typographic placements, posters and fine tune all the design applications.

The creative directors help the other team members with their title design. While also working closely with Tyla and Tamsyn to design the identity of the productions.

OFF Production Angelina Wicker

Behind the Scenes

OFF Production Behind the Scenes