Awica Studios


The brief is to self-brand and create a promotional animation similar to a logo reveal for social media platforms, specifically Instagram. Self-branding is to take place where a logo and identity is created. The looped animation needs to be seamless as well as 1:1 ratio to fit Instagram's user interface.

In order to allow for unique designs the animation has no limit in regards to style, the look and feel is open to any style. The animation may not be longer than 10 seconds and needs to loop seamlessly.


Year: 2020

Motion Graphics
Logo Design
After Effects


On the verge of graduation, the students find themselves in the position of being lost in regards to their own brand. The work environment is closer than ever and the applications are flooding in. In order to prepare for the work environment one needs to stand out from the over populated pool of online imagery.



With a unique, fresh and eye-caching logo and logo reveal one can really grab the attention of the audience. Therefore a seamless looping animation is suited to pop put in the design industry. Awica Studios is the result of combing the name and surname Encapsulating the dainty detail in which Angelina aims her work to hold.

The logo itself represents Angelina as she finds herself to be fluid when it comes to taking on assignments and projects. She go with the flow and finds her way as well as her unique perspective. As well as adding her own touch of magic such as shown in the logo with the sparkle. The outlined ovals around the logo show Awica studios in its little galaxy which shows how Angelina gets into her space (literally) when working and the extent she gets into the zone. Also the reveal as a whole acts as a little sneak peek into her style and "studio" to intrigue customers as it reveals all the elements and then closes again.