This brief aimed to solve an identified problem through creating, designing and prototyping a concept application. The application concept needed to be strong conceptually as well as visually in regards to brand identity and mock-ups.

The application is to be implemented through wire-framing, prototyping and in app animation considerations displayed through the user experience and interaction.


Year: 2020

Interactive Design
Concept Design
App Design and Development
UX/UI Design
After Effects
Artificial intelligence


A total of 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters annually, with 25% of the animals being purebred. Approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes.

Therefore only one out of every ten animals will find a permanent home, evidently proving that the knowledge and awareness of the surplus of animals in shelters is lacking with the South African community. As well as outdated ideas about the animals.


• To increase the awareness of animals in need.

• To change the negative stigma around shelter Animals.

• Creating an easier process for user to adopt And find animals.

• Increase the rate of adoption.

• Uniting welfares through the app.

• Connect users with welfares by allowing them To communicate on a one-on-one basis.

• Creating a comfortable environment for the User.

progress 1


Fortune is a mobile application intended for people trying to make good fortune, therefore bring good luck and spirit to shelters. Hence the inspiration for the name playing on the pun of the words "fortune" and "fur.""

The application has two direct type of users. The animal shelter's themselves and the customer looking to adopt, foster or help out the shelter. Shelters are able to upload and post available animals as well as post announcements.

The app indirectly also targets any companies interested in marketing their products. Users are able to donate money through Furtune as well therefore companies can advertise their products by allowing users to donate money that will be used for food, toys and other things like that. The following are example persona's for each user.

USER PERSONAS Target Audience 1
Target Audience 2
Target Audience 3

Colour Palette

progress 3

Pistilli Regular


Gilroy Regular

Gilroy Bold
progress 4


The following style is in goal of keeping the app looking clean, simple and chic. With neomophic elements of inspiration the minimal design system was created. Active elements are highlighted the accent colour of dark pink.

USER FLOW user flow
USER SCREENS user flow

user flow