This brief aimed to take away the negative stigma surrounding numbers and turn them into something fun while bringing a new perspective. All through the use of a five page interactive website. With there being no limit on the creative method, one was able to go in many directions of design, leaving the student in control of that decision.

Additionally a home-like page is needed and with each page a description. The whole site then afterwards must be displayed through a case study video.


Year: 2020

Web Design
Interactive Website


We live in society where we have become dependent on the construct of numbers. It has become a meter for success, truth, time and many more variants.

Numbers are trusted as our lives revolve around them, such as time. One immediately associates certain days or years with memories worth reliving, nostalgic moments.



Avenir Book

Colour Palette


Nostalgic Paradox is a experimental interactive website based on the theme numbers, as time, by capturing the meaning of nostalgia. Through the use of elements from collective childhood memories such as textiles, trends, decor, style and design. Nostalgic Paradox allows the user to re-experience their childhood with a modern twist through 5 unique interactive pages.

The website follows a linear structure to represent time. This allows the user to only go forward and overcome all the obstacles present in the website, encapsulating the essence of life.


The home page brings together a few important assets in order to intrigue and spark a slight memory in the audience. By using materials and shapes that have been used in the 80s and 90s, with parralaxing thus allows the user to interact with the element on the screen.


The grid page displays 6 different numbers which represent the date 24 May 1999 (05/24/99), reminding the audience of the importance of number in terms of time. Each grid section contains a number textures with either a trend or toys such as denim,animal prints, kooshes, bubbles, tiles and metal. By hovering the cursor over each grid a video will play and the elements will animate.


The globe page consists of a circle with a globe in it. The globe has been laid out to represent a retro living area. The living area is made up of many nostalgic elements. This page hints towards the relationship between time and everyday life as a globe. Therefore suggesting the collective memory present, whereby many remember similar moments and objects. As the cursor hovers over the globe it spins.


The game page, as suggested, holds a game which was extremely popular and played by the majority of children. Therefore sparking more nostalgic memories. The game is surrounded by many nostalgic elements to add to the theme. By playing a game from ones childhood their inner child is enlightened. Making the user indirectly a present version of their inner child.


The arch page is a more complex page, including a variety of nostalgic elements. A graphic flower pattern, very popular in the 80s, is visible. As children most would draw their sun in the left corner, represented in ths page by the ring. Popular car dices are hung by the light as well as the iconic DVD loading screen on a old monitor. The elements all parallax while the monitor plays the loading screen. The words “way back forward” also suggest the popularity of nostalgic designs in the current society.


As the title hints the following page stimulates the audiory senses through playing roylaity free music mimicking the well known song song Doctor Doctor by Tompson Twins created in the 80s. As well as using popular language during the late 80s. The elements parrallax with the use of the cursor. By clicking on the music icon on the record player one can pause and play the music.