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The following brief entailed to create a complete digital social media campaign ranging over several social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Adwords, Pintrest, Tiktok, Twitter , Youtube and IOS messenger sticker pack for Freedom of Movement (FOM), a South African lifestyle brand.

All the imagery supplied by the Stellenbosch Academy, Photography students, which are to be used in the form of motion graphics. Lastly displayed in a case study video for the client.


Client: Freedom of Movement
Year: 2020

Brand Identity
Digital Campaign
Social Media Development
Motion Graphics


With the globalised state of the World, online media plays a large role in the awareness of brands. The overly populated bubble of social media tends to hyper exposure it's users to information, to the extent where one's attention span decreases leaving us in cycle of faster and faster media in order to target consumers.

Therefore in order to have a strong online presence as a brand, one needs to have eye catching and unique content to keep the viewer interested and intrigued. Leading to the goal for FOM as the brand lacks digital media in the form of motion graphics when it comes to promoting themselves.


Sticker Pack


A digital motion, online graphic campaign designed for Freedom of Movement (FOM), a South African lifestyle brand. The campaign ranges over eight different social platforms in order to increase awareness of the authentically South African brand. Through the use of elements visible such as leather, wood, ect.. in the products the campaign aims to emphasises the sustainability as well as local resources FOM uses. All in all highlighting the brand as happily South African and proud.

Avenir Book

  • Pinterest
  • Youtube + Google Ads
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok